Check that your passport is valid for the whole journey. For most countries outside the Schengen passport shall be valid at least 6 months after the scheduled return. Also remember that it is only valid as long as it is free from damage.

When traveling to the United States, you must have a machine-readable passport. A machine-readable passport has two machine-readable lines at the bottom of the passport identification page.

Visa/Entry Permit

Remember that you must apply for entry permit via ESTA before departure if you are going to the United States. The ESTA application must be submitted electronically and in good time before departure - no later than 72 hours before. Each application costs 14 USD. You pay by credit card as soon as the application has been completed and submitted.

Travel Insurance

Having a good travel insurance is very important and can actually save your private finances if an accident should happen. On holiday abroad, unfortunately unforeseen things can happen. If you are really unlucky, you may need a doctor or a hospital stay.

Riding Gear

The most important gear is a helmet (preferebly open type). It is possible to rent a helmet, but we recommend you either bring your own or buy a new helmet when you arrive. In addition, we recommend a good riding  jacket (preferably mesh), MC shoes/boots, MC gloves, MC pants (preferably kevlar) and sunglasses.

Travel Gear

Remember sunscreen, toiletries, necessary medicine, light rainwear, camera, phone w/charger, shorts, t-shirts, swimwear, light shoes/sneakers, a small backpack for day trips and clothes for eating out in the evening.





Check if you have thought of everything you find in the info circle to the left.

Note: Always use the ESTA Official site for ESTA application.