Explorify Rentals & Tours

Through our sister company Explorify MC Rentals we own our independent bike fleet, which ensures you a perfectly maintained late year model quality bike. We are the second largest mc rental company in the world, thus we have access to numerous quality bikes to ensure your enjoyable riding experience.

Norwegian Motorcycle Union

NMCU chose JoyRides Tours as a sole supplier of motorcycle tours for members. In addition, we have extensive cooperation that we are very proud of. All NMCU members receive membership discounts with us.


We work closely with NAF MC. NAF chose JoyRides as a supplier for his anniversary tour in the United States of America 2014. We look forward to the next tour!

SMS - Swedens Motorcyclists

JoyRides is a preferred tour supplier and partner with Sweden's Motorcyclists. SMC promotes JoyRides' tours in the United States to its 64,000 members