JoyRides Tours is one of the world’s largest car & motorcycle tour operators. We love to ride curvy back roads and create lifetime memories and friendships. We have put our heart into creating the most fun and enjoyable tours in the market, packed with the best driving roads and lively adventures. We will do everything in our power to ensure you have the best touring experience possible. At JoyRides, the customers are our focus! Our mantra: "Realizing dreams and creating life time memories"!

Authorized Touring specialist

We at JoyRides are proud to be the only Nordic tour operator authorized by the second largest Motorcycle Rental Company in the United States. This means you will get a quality motorcycle, perfectly maintained and 24/7 roadside assistance throughout the United States, every time you book a tour. You will also get the market's best selection of motorcycles, including the following brands/models: Harley Davidson, Indian, Honda Goldwing, BMW RT / GS, Kawasaki including

We give you the best tour experience - on your favorite motorcycle!

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Choose between 3 types of adventure tours:


We offer guided tours all over the world. Included: MC/Car rentals, lodging, guides, gasoline and insurance.


If you are happy on your own - choose a Self-Drive -Tour. We book your vehicle and hotels. The rest is up to you!


This is for the pure adventurer. You just tell us what vehicle you want - we book it and off you go! May the force be with you.

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Our Skills and Expertise

We want to constantly improve ourselves,  but if truth be said - we are pretty good already. To the left you will see a honest, graphical representation of our best skills based on what feedback we receive from our customers.

If you want to read more about what our guest says about us - visit the testimonial site.

"We always strive to improve ourselves. Both as a company and personally in meeting with our guests"

- Andrè Stefan Patay, CEO JoyRides Tours